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6 min readAug 31, 2023

Notion AI is a powerful tool that can help you write and organize your pages & databases more efficiently. In this tutorial, we will cover the different features of Notion AI and how you can use them to improve your productivity.

Before we start, there are two ways of getting Notion AI to work:

  • when you’re on an empty block/page, you can press the space bar to summon AI
  • when you select some text, you can use the keyboard shortcut ctrl/cmd + J to summon AI (or you can simply click “Ask AI”)

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Notion AI Page Content

Different Features‍

Write with AI

The “Write with AI” feature of Notion AI can also be used to autocomplete your writing. This feature allows you to generate text based on your writing style and preferences. All you need to do is start typing, and Notion AI will suggest words and phrases that fit your writing style.

To summon AI, press the space bar and select “Continue writing.”


Notion AI has the following features:

  • Summarize: This feature allows you to create a summary of your notes based on the content of your page.
  • Find Action items: This feature helps you identify action items in your notes.
  • Translate: Notion AI includes a translation feature that allows you to translate your notes into different languages.
  • Explain this: This feature provides explanations and definitions for words and phrases in your notes.

To use these features, simply press the space bar at the bottom of your page or select your text and click “Ask AI,” then select the feature you need.

Edit or Review

These are the features of Notion AI that can help you improve your writing:

  • Improve writing: This feature allows you to identify areas where your writing is unclear or needs improvement. Notion AI will suggest changes to your text and provide feedback on your writing style and grammar.
  • Fix spelling & grammar: Notion AI can automatically correct spelling and grammar mistakes in your text. This is useful if you don’t want Notion AI to change the tone of what you wrote.
  • Make shorter / Make longer: This feature allows you to adjust the length of your text to fit your needs.
  • Change tone: Notion AI can help you adjust the tone of your text to better fit your audience or purpose. You can select between professional, casual, straightforward, confident, and friendly.
  • Simplify language: Notion AI can help you simplify complex language to make it more accessible and easier to understand. This is super useful when writing about technical subjects.

Draft with AI

If you’re struggling to start a new project or document, Notion AI can help. The “Draft with AI” feature allows you to create a new page and generate text based on your input. This can help you get started with your writing and provide inspiration for your project.

You can choose from many options, such as brainstorming ideas, writing a blog post, creating an outline, writing a social media post, drafting a press release, writing a creative story, composing an essay or poem, making a to-do list, creating a meeting agenda, making a pros and cons list, writing a job description, drafting a sales email, or writing a recruiting email.

Notion AI Blocks

‍Notion AI blocks are another useful feature that can help you process more notes and ideas. There are currently three blocks: Summary, Action items, and Custom AI block. But the Custom AI block lets you generate almost anything you want, so there are basically an infinite number of options.

The most useful use case for these AI blocks is to add them to database templates. Let’s say you have a meetings database. Well, you can add a Summary and Action items block at the top of your “Meeting notes” template, so that each time you have a new meeting, they will auto-generate this information for you (based on the meeting notes within the page).

In my case, when writing blog posts, I use the custom AI block to automatically generate a compelling SEO description based on the content of my blog post.

Recents & Favorites

Notion AI also includes a “Recents & Favorites” section that allows you to quickly access your most frequently used pages. This makes it easy to find and edit your prompts, even if you have a large number of them.

  • Recent AI prompts: You can find your latest prompts at the bottom of the AI popup.
  • Favorite AI prompts: You can add a prompt as a favorite so that it always appears at the very top of your AI popup. Simply click the star button at the right of the prompt.

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Notion AI Properties

Notion AI properties are a way to add AI-generated content to your Notion database. These properties can pull information from other properties, page content, or directly from the web.

AI Properties

To add an AI property to a database, click on the database and select “Properties” in the top right corner. From there, you can add an AI property and configure its settings.

  • AI Summary: This allows you to create a summary of your notes based on the content of your page. It can be useful if you need to quickly create a report or summary of your notes.
  • AI Key Info: This allows you to quickly identify the most important information in your notes. It can be useful if you need to quickly review your notes to find specific information.
  • AI Custom Autofill: This property allows you to create custom templates for your notes. It makes it easy to create new pages with a consistent format and structure.
  • AI Translation: This allows you to translate your notes into different languages. It can be useful if you’re working with team members or clients who speak a different language.

AI Properties Settings

There are two important and very useful settings that can be activated to make the use of these AI properties even better. However, these two features are only available for Notion users with a paid AI plan.

  • Auto-update on page edits: When enabled, the AI will automatically be triggered each time a modification is made to the page content or other properties.
  • Update all pages: When enabled, it allows for a one-time manual update for all pages in the database. This is an incredibly useful feature for updating all items at once with ease.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Notion AI is a powerful tool that can help you improve your productivity and streamline your note-taking process. Its features range from generating text to identifying action items and simplifying complex language. By using Notion AI, you can save time and effort when taking notes, writing documents, or planning your projects. Start using Notion AI today and experience the benefits of AI directly in your your favourite tool.

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